How to Manage Your Birthday celebration Space for the Perfect House party for Your Child

Here are some helpful suggestions to better manage your birthday celebration room or space when organizing the ideal birthday party for your child.

Prior to the party, be sure to remove all fragile or breakable items from your room. Clear any large furniture you can and cover up sharp edges that could be safety hazards during party time. It is just natural for children to enjoy to run around if they're having fun, so come up with your place a safe environment as well as you can. Catering halls in Brooklyn

Separate your venue into a minimum of two distinct areas. Allocate one area for activities like games or entertainment and the other area for food and drinks. This is because the activities do not get when it comes to people who are enjoying the scrumptious spread you might have specially prepared!

You simply must prepare the following dedicated areas/ tables for the elements:

Gift Table

This is how you place all the gifts how the birthday child receives. The "gift table" must be close to or next to the entrance so that presents may be used there as soon as a guest arrives. Choose a counter table or side table about 3' x 3'. This permits gifts to piled up to create a visual and engaging sight.

Play Spot for Activities, Entertainment, Games or perhaps having Fun

Try to create an open space for kids to play in. This space is likewise used for activities, games and shows.

If you are having an entertainer with the party, don't have him perform before an entrance or doorway as this will distract from your show badly. People relocating and out from these entrances can cause too much of a distraction and disrupt the show.

Ensure there's a performing space prepared, ideally, this space needs to be in front of a wall with your birthday banner or main decorations. Also make certain that there is ample space for the children to sit and watch the show or move about if the entertainer is playing interactive games. As a rough guide, a space of about 10ft x 10ft needs to be sufficient for the performer to entertain approximately 20 children. Catering halls in Brooklyn

You need to to prepare additional space/ tables/ chairs for extra activities like if you have a face painter, caricature artist or balloon twister in the party.

Food/ Buffet Line

Most parties have a buffet line as opposed to an ala carte sit-down style food. Guarantee the buffet line is setup out of the play/ activity area. Since there will likely be spills of refreshments, ensure there are no expensive carpets or valuables round the buffet line.


The eating area should ideally near the buffet line and not in the middle of the play/ activity area. If you have not space for dining tables, line up chairs across the wall for people to sit and eat.

Cake Cutting Table

This could either be one of the dinning tables cleared for that cake cutting or a dedicated side table to the special moment. Ensure there exists space around the table for photo-taking with relatives and buddies.

3 Key points to remember:

1) Always have the primary activity or performance area opposite or from the entrance to the party room.

2) Always clear very damaging furniture, objects or installations from the party room.

3) Prepare different areas focused on different party activities.


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